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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:16 pm    Post subject: The Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Full Movie Download In

The Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Full Movie Download In Hindi

A clone of Starkiller is created by Darth Vader, but, after he escapes his master's grasp, he travels across the galaxy to discover who, or what, he really is.
Well I guess I was the only one who didn't like the story for the original Force Unleashed game because this game seems to have the story leaped on even more-so than the original. Now Star Wars games were a big part of my childhood and some of them like the Jedi Knight series were ones that I still love to this day. From the get-go the story was disappointing.

Okay so the story, Garen Malek is cloned... I said from the get-go it was disappointing and he begins to remember his past and he races across the galaxy to rejoin The Rebellion and tell Juno and they can live happily ever after and take down The Empire yadda yadda yadda.

Onto the positives. The game-play is really fun as usual and it does have some new powers that were awesome like the Mind Trick and using force powers to enhance your lightsaber combos. This is easily the best element of the game and if you're into the hack n slash games that are almost literally button mashing then you'll probably enjoy the game as a style-over-substance even more than the first game.

Onto the complaints. Where in what world does this story feel needed. I mean the first game does have a decent set-up and it does tie in some of the continuity well. In this game... It ends with more holes in the continuity of the series than if they established that C3PO and Chewbacca were related. Didn't the original game already end where the story needed to end? I mean what else could there be to tell.

Not to mention the actual investment of it. First of all - in the first game Juno and Malek are only on screen together for a short period of time and Juno was on her first mission as pilot in the second level of the game. They don't develop the relationship any more than that in this game because Malek's first conversation with her in this game takes place once you've finished it. I'm sorry was there a lot of cut-scene footage of the first game that we missed for this one? This is a legit question.

Okay the characters are boring and don't go through a single story arc, the story is completely unnecessary so why did I give it a 6 if the story is this bad you may ask? Well lets just say I'm a sucker for having the kind of power you have in the game at your fingertips. I mean it is a much worse game than the original which I think is a real shame because there was so much the first one didn't get right that I thought "Okay, I'm kind of open to a sequel to this so will this fix the problems with the story that the original had?" If you've played the first one then let me advise you - this sequel is completely unnecessary.
With reading on both of these games on this site and others it really seems that your gonna like this series or your gonna hate it. but for me i love it. i am a pretty big star wars fan i love all the movies and enjoy most of the games (jedi academy and republic commandos being my all time favourites)but the force unleashed is my second fav 1and 2 and i got to say for this one is tones more better then the 1st every gripe i had in the first has been fixed and it was with game play. its so fun and easy to pick this up and just go for it and unlike the first were it was fun in the beginning and just got stupid later on for game play the 2nd has none of that. repetitive? yes but its the fun kind (for me anyway)But the number one thing that I'm sooooo happy for is that in this one the enemy's don't land a cheap shot on you knock you down and you get you and they just keep doing it over and over and over again. this one has none of that. do you get knocked down... duh but does it keep happening over and over no. My second fav thing that i loved and u may too is that lightsabers actually chop body parts off thats awesome. finally! and of course the graphics. the graphics are amazing for the c.g.i cut scenes to the in game cut scenes and in game graphics... WOW. but now for the bad as i have said the game is repetitive and yes i said i like it for others though this may be an issue its much like the first one in that way but there are better boss fights (minus the end boss fight) and the story. this is why for me its not a ten the story in this is kinda flat but does have a few good bumps in it but not like the first but i still found it enjoyable and the last thing is length I'm not usually one to complain about this but i finished this in 4 to 5 hours yeah i know pretty short. But thats why i would recommend borrowing this or renting first then make your choice to buy or not to buy (no pun intended) but i highly recommend that you give it a try if your a fan of this series.


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